• The then Home Secretary Akbar Hydari Ali approached Nizam with Argidasht (petition) to establish a University for Hyderabad State
  • Memorandum submitted by Mr. Hyder Ali to State Minister of Education early in 1917 was appended in Argidasht
  • Education Minister submitted this Argidasht to the Nizam on April 24, 1917 
  • Two days later, on April 26, 1917 on his birthday, a firman was issued.


  • “I have long been waiting for the day when, freed from the shackles of a foreign language, our education becomes naturally accessible to all our people. It is a problem for the solution of which we look to our Native States, and it gives me great jov to know that your State proposes to found a University in which instructions are to be given through the medium of Urdu. It is needless to say that your scheme has my fullest appreciation” - Rabindranath Tagore
  •  The proposal to make the experiment of recognizing the vernaculars as  the medium of instruction in the Osmania University, requiring, in addition, a command over the English language, is most opportune, and upon the successful issue much will depend … - Sir Michael Ernest Sadler




 Sir Michael Ernest Sadler


 Sri Rabindranath Tagore