The Committees, Chairpersons

S.No.                                      Name of the Committee
1 OU Centenary Celebrations Committee Prof. S. Ramachandram
Vice-Chancellor, Osmania University
2 Organizing Committee Prof. S. Ramachandram
Vice-Chancellor, Osmania University
3 Celebrations Advisory Committee Prof. S. Ramachandram
Vice-Chancellor, Osmania University
4 Reception Committee Prof. Battu Satyanarayana
Dept. of Chemistry OU and President, OUTA and TSFUTA
5 Finance Committee Prof. C. Vishnuvardhan Reddy
Dept. of Physics, OU
6 Food Committee Prof. P. Veera Somaiah
Dept. of Chemistry, OU
7 Stage Decoration Dr. V. Vanitha Das 
Dept. of Zoology, OU
8 Press & Media Committee Prof. K. Stevenson
Dept. of Commn. & Journalism, OU
9 Games & Sports Committee Prof. L.B. Laxmikanth Rathod 
Dept. of Physical Education, OU
10 Affiliated Colleges Committee Prof. Ch. Venugopal Rao
Director, Directorate of Academic Audit, OU
11 Cultural Committee Prof. Shivaraj
Director, PGRRCDE
12 Souvenir Committee Prof. Sumita Roy
Dept. of English, OU
13 Invitation Committee Dean
Faculty of Science, OU
14 Felicitation Committee Prof. B. Manohar
Secretary, OUTA
15 Transport Committee Prof. M. Kumar
Dept. of Civil. Engg., OU
16 Centenary Lectures Prof. V. Dashavanth Reddy
Director, CPMB, OU
17 Youth Affairs and Student Relations Committee Prof. P. Laxminarayana, Dean
Student Affairs, O.U.
18 Alumni Committee A Syam Mohan
19 Face-Lift Committee Prof. M. Gopal Naik
DirectorInfrastructure, OU
20 Hospitality Committee Prof. Sriram Venkatesh
Director, University Guest House, O.U.
21 Accommodation Committee Prof. P. Yadagiri Swamy
Dept. of Chemistry, O.U. and Member-Secretary, TSSET
22 Publication Committee Prof. G.B. Reddy
Director, UFRO, OU
23 History and Culture Prof. K. Arjun Rao
Dean, CDC, OU
24 CSR Coordination Committee Prof. Sameen Fatima Syeda
Principal, University College of Engineering, OU
25 Seminars and Conferences Committee Prof. A. Krishnaiah
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, OU
26 Program Coordination Committee Prof. H. Venkateshwarlu
Special Officer, OU Centenary Celebrations, OU
27 Brochure Committee Prof. K. Narender
Director, EMRC, OU
28 Convener & Special Officer Prof. H. Venkateshwarlu